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The Charity Fair was held on the 20th May 2012 at Tadika Wawasan, Setapak. Please click on each tab for more details.

The Event

Introducing the series of events that lead to the birth and implementation of this Charity Fair


After following the community service team – “Reaching Out Thro’ Service”, to visit some of the homes whom we support by providing food and provisions, Ms Jenny Heng and Ms Yap were moved to raise fund to ensure we can continue to help these families. Ms Jenny wanted to conduct a “flea market event”, and Ms Yap, the Principal of Tadika Wawasan thought of using her kindergarten. Unspoken, I was expected to unofficially coordinate and hence the birth of a “rag tag” team with our hearts basically thinking in one direction – help this unloved, marginalised, urban poor children and adults with emotional and physical and mental health issues and their truly long-suffering, aged parents who are still the caregivers in their twilight years. The aged parents’ heart wrenching pain having settled with more than difficult children especially when more than 50% of their children are unwell in this community brings on more than sympathy. Most wanted to extend a helping hand to bring them an extra moment of comfort.

Well wishers and devotees from KYCO have been supporting this community service project for nearly three years and naturally we are happy that a little spark has started with a team from all walks of life coming together to work towards helping the less fortunate.

We started with asking our friends to support and manage a stall and the break through that made this project with zero financial capital, feasible was when Ms Siow Lee asked her niece Ms Chung Soo Sun for support. She donated a whole lot of children toys, house-hold decorative items and such. What could be better items to attract, interest and benefit these kindergarten children then what we had gratefully accepted from Ms Chung.

With this, the rest is history, we teamed up and put aside differences of personality, religion and race and spent a lot of hands on work in checking the stocks.

As we progress, the team grew larger with more volunteers and sponsors.

Come 20th May, Sunday, we hope to video record the event which gave us lots of fun, laughter and bonding of friendship with trust and we hope to share this meaningful Charity Fair with you once it is uploaded into this webpage.

With great appreciation,

KC Chu


2.  Objective

This is a charity programme jointly organised by Tadika Wawasan andThe Community Service of KYCO . The objective of the programme is to help the community of urban poor. We welcome you to join us in doing some good deeds. You may assist in the following ways:

这是一项由KYCO福利组织与迈进儿童乐园联合主办的慈善活动. 活动的宗旨是救济贫困的社群. 您可以在当天通过以下管道给于他们帮助:

  • Contribute to goods sponsored by public and parents from Tadika Wawasan;


  • Donate food and provisions for the needy – items will be collected at designated booth;


  • Sponsor and manage a Charity Stall – please contact organisers in advanced for sponsorship arrangement.

赞助及经营慈善档- 有意者敬请尽早联络主办单位已作安排.

All the proceeds will be channeled to the Community Service Projects of KYCO to help urban elderly parents with child/ children who suffer(s) from mental and physical illness, who are under medical treatment at the Psychiatric Dept.,  Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

所有义卖摊位所得的利润与收集到的用品将全部捐献给KYCO 福利组织的社区服务计划. 被救济的家庭拥有年迈的父母及在吉隆坡中央医院精神病科康复部,接受精神与生理治疗的儿童.



(you may also donate to "KYCO Trust Fund")

Tadika Wawasan has been giving their generous supports by donating and visiting the families.

3. Programme

3.  The Programme

CHARITY FAIR. 慈善义卖会 . 2012

DATE/ 日期      : 20TH MAY 2012 (SUNDAY/ 星期日) 

TIME/ 时间       : 9.00am – 1.00pm 

VENUE/ 地点     : TADIKA WAWASAN/ 迈进儿童乐园


CONTACT : 03-40239959, H/P 012 273 9303 (KC Chu)

ROADMAP to Tadika Wawasan (click to download)

4. Org. Chart

4.  Orgainzation Chart

teams organisers introduction of project

5. Flyer

5.  Flyer

This is the flyer which was distributed prior to the event.

The flyer which was distributed prior to the event.

6. Banner

6.  Banner

A 15 X 5ft banner which will be placed at the venue.

7. Invitation

7.  Invitation to Pre-event Activities

Aim of the Charity Fair

Volunteers are friends of Tadika Wawasan and devotees from KYCO.

8. Venue

8.  The venue of the Charity Fair: Tadika Wawasan.

9. Direction

9.  Direction and Landmarks to Venue

landmarks. to tadika wawasan-for web  mail


landmarks to tadika wawasan-for web  mail

Landmarks to venue


10. Floor-plan

10. Floor Plan

Floor chart of charity fair

Floor plan of the venue during event.

Event day - 20th May

20th May

At 8:00am... the event begins...

The videos and photos for this event are available below.



Charity Fair Video

Please click on the triangle in the middle of the box below to start and wait for video (size=10MB) to stream (download)... slow internet line may take a longer time to begin playing. Thank you.


Pre-event activities logs from 22-Apr-2012 to 15-May-2012.

22nd April

Pre-event Acitivities - 22nd April 2012

Pre-event activities include cleaning, itemizing, stock-count, testing and re-packing of sponsored goods by volunteers.

The following pictures show the venue and pre-event activities. Please do enjoy them.

Venue for stalls along the corridor.


Checking the sponsored items.

Come give Uncle Kenny a hand.

Still lots to sort out and check

Trying out cap with solar powered fan

Busy bees, stock-checking.

Buy the family and get the lonely fish for free.

Shirts for girls.

Battery operated car.

Owl clock.

Coin box and alarm clock

Displaying the items

1st round of the packing-team.

25th April

Pre-event Acitivities - 25th April 2012

Contribute RM5 for 6pcs.

Forks, spoons and etc from KYCO devotee Doris Chong.

Door gift

Baby shoes

28th April

Pre-event Acitivities - 28th April 2012

Checking solar fans under the sun

Ms Yap, KC and Jenny discussing

Double race cars

Tip lorry


Toy remote cars.

Checking glass items on 28th April.

Checking the toys

Repairing and reassembling of toys.

Youths recount.

6th May

Pre-event Acitivities - 6th May 2012

Giving a hand

How much is this rabbit going for?

A previously unseen item; a trailer truck

The more the merrier

The type of table for displaying items.

Glassware capsicum

Happy as a team

Cleaning items

Kim , brother Tey and volunteer

Lots more to check

So many guns to check

Good new items to work on, not just guns

Guns guns

More needed to help in checking

12th May

12th May 2012


Update 12th May, Saturday, on our Community Service Project (CSP) with Tadika Wawasan.


1. Thank you for coming to join this event and your moral support. Expect a noisy day out with kids. I could only send email to addresses I collected from donation box for CSP and those who requested for updates. From the mails , some are able to join as they are not committed to another of KYCO activities.


2. Names of those coming on 20th May, Sunday:-

   1. Sandrin,

   2. Christine LIm (no email)

   3. Tricia, (no email)

   4. Jade

   5. Mimi (Mimi, Tricia mentioned u - I must remember to check with u)

   6. Connie

   7. KC Lee

   8. Patrick

   9. Lee Joo and daughter  10) Chuah Hui Lin

  11. Kim  and her brother 12) Teh CB

  13. CW Yee

  14. Ben Yee and his mother 15) Millie

  16. SC Low

  17. Looi Dyit Hwa (my daughter)

  18. Henry

  19. KIV Ai Fong


3. I spoke to KC Lee who has created an Internal use only Web site for "test run" (NOT for Public  YET-  please kindly observe his request for now)   together with Dyit Hwa (she helped in loading the Community Section ) have put up information on this Charity Fair for our convenient.

For us who are coming along to the Charity Fair, please if you have time go into KC Lee's created website at

To view the Charity Fair which will give you information on pre event activities etc., please click at the Community Service section - and click on “Charity Fair @ Tadika Wawasan” and you will get some ideas/information about this Charity Fair.


4. I will update further on placement of which stall you will be in charge off - over the next 2 days.


5. Video Recording - Catching you dealing with noisy kids - As of todate, KC Lee on 20th Sunday with Patrick will video/record the event and we hope to upload into this site too.


6. Patient and heat/rain/shine. Please note 20th is the Report Card collection day for 150 students with their parents – we "sell" these items/food to them at a contributed price - Prepare to test your patient with all these young kids and no air-conditioner venue.


7. Car Pool - Assemble at 7.00am, leave from KYCO by 7.15 am. Jade, Tricia, Henry, Kim and Teh CB will lead. I will give you landmark and direction after Tawakal Hospital - after tomorrow (I will check out tomorrow)

8. Food - Tadika Wawasan will give vegetarian mee hoon for everyone at the Fair and cordial drink.

    I have arrange with Ms Yap (Principal from Tadika) for lunch to be delivered -There will be for lunch simple dishes - a) Chicken curry, b) vegetable curry and c) Egg and long beans omelette and rice.

    They are quite a few food stalls around the Tadika too.


9. Volunteers from other sections

  1. Undergraduate Optometry Students from Tun Hussien Onn,
  2. Friends of KYCO ( a "rag tag" group I put together)
  3. Staff from Tadika Wawasan who helped in pre event BUT all the Teachers will be busy with Report Cards and NOT help us on 20th until after 1.00pm.
    They use the air-cond rooms we stay out in the open and pray for good weather
  4.  Children from the working class neighbourhood.


10. 19th Saturday - from 1:00pm I will be there to lend a hand on deco and ready things


11. Attire - Do wear our KYCO T-Shirt


12. Duty ROSTER - please wait for Monday/Tuesday


Thank you

KC Chu

15th May

15th May 2012


Thank you all for VOLUNTEERING - I/we are indeed very grateful.

Please find the stall you have been allocated in the attatched documents.

No 1 - 6  (esp. for KYCO)

1. Some names appears twice - you may need to look after both stalls

2. On 20th, be there by 8.00 am - we will brief you the collection of your items/stocks.

3. The leader of each stall is the volunteer whose name is placed FIRST on the Volunteer Column as they have been in meetings and will be there on 19th Saturday to ready the place

4. The suggested amount to contribute to the items will be listed on the tag and place on the table. 

5. Please car pool and be at KYCO by 7and leave by 7.15 am. Kim and brother Teh, Henry, Jade, - should be able to lead you there.

6. Please bring your own iced bottled water. 

KC Chu