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20ANou GuanYin

- Life Is A Series Of Battles To Strive For And Head Towards The Great Tao, The Fruit Of Enlightenment! When All The Worldly Attachments And Cravings Have Been Surmounted, One Heads For ‘Home’ Where Immortals Dwell!


To receive the flow of energy into oneself calls for deep concentration and faith. To attain that there must be reverence in the heart and so no one is to take it for granted that Divine Energy will flow into oneself as and when he wishes it. For this reason, at all times one must be keeping the name of the Lord within his heart and mind, so that the precious and vital link is never cut. As prayers are recited, visualisation will help to develop this sacred bond making Guru and disciple to be in the state of oneness. This is how one receives blessings, protection and communication at all times.

This will also lead to spontaneous actions of body, speech and mind whenever the situation calls for. Taking it for granted that Guru will be around at all times without oneself reaching out at all times is a false thought. It will make one lazy and complacent and then one’s spiritual practice and commitment to the cause of self-development will be weakened. The result will lead to the loss of energy and the dissolution of the link. It will take too long and much greater effort to regain this vital link once it is lost. Negative forces will then gain the strength to prevent the arising of the thought to begin spiritual practice once more. They do not wish to see human beings develop themselves into higher beings who are able to do beneficial work for the benefit of others. The worldly conditions tend to favour them because this is the world of craving. It takes just a bit of happiness for a human being to be satisfied, to think that they can be perpetually happy, and so the thought of advancing spiritually may not occur easily. As the evil forces hover over one’s mind, this dark cloud will prevent one’s mind-eye to see the brightness beyond. It is too much an effort to polish up one’s character. It is like being lazy to keep one’s home clean, even though we notice that there are things to be done to tidy up. All kinds of thoughts that are related to greed, lust, anger, envy, jealousy and other delusions will keep one’s mind busy and to dwell in wrong thoughts. Being self cared, such activities will naturally taint the mind further.

It will be difficult for such a being to get out of this delusion and so the way to attainment is lost. He has chosen to take the path of negativity and allowed negative forces to cling to him. Even if the bright and kindly divine beings are there to give help to such a person, because of some effort expanded, such as good deeds and prayers, it will not be easy for such a person to receive full blessings. So it’s the choice of oneself, whether he wishes to be surrounded by radiant beings who will inspire him to do good, or be attached with negative forces who prevent his spiritual growth. This is the reason why so few amongst the many will be able to walk the path of righteousness, will be committed to the disciplines of life!

Meditation is important. It should be practised daily and constantly, with full knowledge of what one is aiming for in this lifetime. There are various teachings which provide different goals. The general saying that all goals are the same or are ‘one’ may or may not be quite right. One religion may teach a person to do good and live rightly with the hope to taking rebirth into heaven. Most, in fact, promise such a goal. But there are other teachings which lead one beyond this goal, of ending up in heaven. If one will think deeper; one easily realises that such heavenly residents cannot be equally pure in mind and they are there for themselves only. They become just a heavenly being, being in the paradise just for their own enjoyment.

There is no real nobility in that, there is no way they can benefit others, and their lives cannot be permanent. It may sound ridiculous, but even in the heavens there are problems of a different kind. That is why one sometimes hears that there is ‘turmoil’ in the heavens and many beings who have ‘misbehaved’ will be sent down to the earth for a spell. This is because those who take rebirth into the heaven realms are not necessary ‘purified and radiant beings,’ and they are there by virtue of having lived without causing harm to others, have given help to others but not necessary having purged all their mental defilements. This means that those who are still affected by their earthly faults may find the heavens a wonderful realm to seek gratification. Since all their wishes are easily attainable, without past cultivation, it will be very difficult for them to learn restraint. This is how one who has reached such a wonderful state of being can fall downwards at the end of the sojourn there.

The main goal of practice should be to reach the state of becoming an Immortal, never being affected by reversal to lower status. This is like the Lohans of Buddhism, the P’usas and the Buddhas, depending on the level of their attainments. Different teachings provide different methods of practice that polish one’s character into a radiant state, to become a ‘perfected being’, - perfect while a man and absolutely perfect while in the heavenly realms. Such beings are ever conscious of the sufferings of beings on earth and elsewhere and they play their parts in awakening them to cultivation. They easily respond to the cries of beings, and those who make the effort, sincerely and energetically, will find their divine help available. Because such ‘perfected Beings’ are noble in nature and filled with compassion, it is extremely easy for them to direct their cosmic energies into the bodies of the practitioners to help them.

There are many people who have the ability to receive such energies and perform beneficial spiritual works in the name of Deities. Most of them are born with affinities with this or that Compassionate Lord and so when the time is ripe, they need only a situation that awakens their compassionate nature in order for divine energy to flow into them. Is it a blessing to be chosen to do such work? Like all things, it is and it isn’t, it all depends on how well one is able to retain its noble ideals and not be influenced by worldly attractions. It is easy to become impure at such states because one’s mind is left wide open, especially at the early state. With right motivation, right discipline and right practice, all negativities are forced away but they will wait at the fringes, just for the moment of one’s weakness and they are able to flow in again. It’s like one who wears a white apparel, it takes so much care to keep it clean. This is how one who has received divine consciousness and energy must be - always aware of his position and his duty to fulfill the aspirations of the Deities whom they have linked up with.

Effort cannot be reduced or weakened. Discipline must not be lacking. Knowledge of downfall due to human weakness must ever be present within the mind. Faith in one’s divine Guru must be complete. Devotion towards the Guru unquestionable. Sacrifices must be accepted whole-heartedly, otherwise fear and regret will arise and this will attract the waiting negatived forces who can play havoc on the mind. But those who have daily and constant linkages with their Gurus, these will be easily exterminated. The Guru will send warning and protection but the student must learn to weather the storm in order to develop his ability and fortitude. Without fear one moves forward, knowing that it will bring help and happiness to others, and this great concern and care for others will easily transcend fears and doubts. The Guru will wait and see how his disciple combats the negative mental attacks.

If his efforts are sincere, then his heart and mind becomes the Guru’s and he will thrive, Life is a series of battles. They must be fought and won. Then there is no more need to stay behind this world. When all the worldly attachments and cravings have been surmounted, one heads for ‘home’ where Immortals dwell! Just for some effort within a short life to earn perpetual Bliss and Existence, it is well worth all the struggles and pains that one must encounter and endure. Learning is here and now, to attain certain wisdom that will develop one’s mind to seek Ultimate Wisdom. This leads to birth and rebirth into any land, any world, for one to further develop the qualities of the Immortals, to establish oneself into the highest of states, Enlightenment! Awareness of the trappings of worldly existences and transcending them. Without any yearning for the worldly, there is only one direction to head towards - the Great Tao, the fruit of Enlightenment!

Monday, 15th September 1986
8th Moon, 12th Day

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