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Liu Shi Kuan Yin : of six hours symbolizing the ancient Chinese “clock” which was divided into 3 periods of six hours. This signifies her mastery of time, so Kuan Yin protects throughout the day and night.

- Pains Are Boons To The Cultivators And Simply Pain To The Worldly Ones
- Fear Not Life And Its Pains Which Offer Great Opportunities To Realise The Necessity Of Practicing The Holy Path And Be Wise To The Purpose Of Life
- Understand And Practise The Dharma Teachings, Adopt Mantra Recitation With The Right Attitude And Selflessly Pray With Regularity For The Well Being Of Others


The pains of life are necessary to every being. They help them to realise the necessity of practising the holy Path, that leads to an existence of sorrowlessness. They prevent the minds from being lazy in their cultivation. They are boons to the cultivators and simply pain to the worldly ones. Seeing people in pain often draws one to think hard and also cause one to feel pity for others. One’s compassion is often awakened thus.

There is no point feeling sorry for others or for oneself when pain is felt. The most important thing to do is to decide what one is going to do with it. Since life is so painful no matter what station one is in, why should there be so much clinging to a life of pain? Instead, why not seek the way of relieving pain, from this life and all lifetimes to come? The way to the painless state is there for all to follow and practice, but how few are those who have the wisdom to take it up? Seeing one’s dear friends and relatives in great states of agony is a good sign that one must immediately act towards cultivation. He who cares not for the future will have much to cry about when they have fallen in states of misery. Often people who are young, healthy and rich, do not have the interest of thinking about life seriously. They do think about their future but never in the correct perspective - without realising that age is creeping up, health is deteriorating day by day and their wealth they have are not that permanent nor can it bring them true happiness. This seeing of the sufferings of others should therefore bring to mind a very clear warning of the realities of life. There is no need to fear life and its pains but there is a real need for one to be wise to the purpose of life.

Those who have heard the Buddhadharma are fortunate indeed. Those who accept its teachings and have the leisure to practise them are the truly fortunate ones who must not waste such a great opportunity. There are ways to reduce pain even of this lifetime so that a peaceful and happy life can be lived. Anyone who has Dharma wisdom will not live a life of fear, will not commit actions that will bring pain in the future. The ways to attaining such a life are many and the easiest is to adopt mantra recitation with the right attitude. You will easily see how people who pray for the well being of others are a much happier lot than those who pray selfishly. The worst are those who have no prayer in their lips at all! When suffering arrives, there will be clear differences between these three kinds of people - how they react during the period of suffering and how long it takes them to clear their minds from wrong views and to get back to normalcy. In times of crisis people will always pray much harder. Although those with good roots will cross over their problems easily, the majority of the people will suffer even much more because their prayers often do not work. Then on top of the normal suffering, another set of suffering is added on. This is the suffering on top of suffering which are difficult to bear. Mental anguish will be felt and they are likely to generate anger and hatred, then most definitely such people will act blindly and rashly!

For the year to come, those who are able to watch, will learn a lot from what is to happen to the world, to those whose evil karma will ripen even within their circle of friends. Do not just be glad that oneself is not thus affected by such great pains. Instead, let it be a year of practice of compassion for all. Wishing that all will be spared of such terrible pains and those who are in the suffering states may soon find relief, one must pray not only with regularity each day, but every free moment of the day! That is why you have been asked to encourage as many people as possible to pledge their prayers for each day of the year!

It is an excellent way of developing compassion and loving-kindness towards others which in turn removes traces of hatred and jealousies which generates terrible karma of body, speech and mind! There has been promise that all who sincerely recite prayers will be protected. This is assured and there must not be any doubt about it! In the time of evil, one who has but a kindly thought for others is a rare jewel. This is the period of darkness when all kinds of defilements are affecting the heart and mind of the entire world! People just do not know how to think, speak or act and therefore, their inborn negative tendencies are controlling them. This is the period of hatred which is why there is no peace at all in any part of the world. Not only that, there is hardly peace at all in any home or in the hearts of mankind!

At such time the blessings of wisdom are changed into evil and man will use his intellect to harm, cheat or destroy! Does it sound too alarming? Will the end of the world be near? There is no time to think too far. First save oneself from the evil influence that abounds. Free oneself from the sways of greed, anger, lust, jealousy and delusion, then with great compassion turn the mind to help those around oneself by showing them the better way to live or behave. It is the best time for all to practise the Buddhadharma, particularly the Paramitas!

But it begins with patience! So be patient with yourself and be ready to work towards a happy goal. Each day can still be a happy day for those who have Dharma at heart, so each day is a good day because it provides one with opportunities to generate love and care towards others! Face the future without fear no matter how difficult the times may be. Be the one who can be of help to the next person, be the one who can bear the burden, be the one who can show others how to convert pain to blessings! Be a true son of Kuan Yin P’usa and act with a warm heart!

Monday, 22nd December 1986
11th Moon, 21st Day

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