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31 Bu Er Guan Yin

- Be a peace-seeker to develop the peaceful nature and to attain the peace of mind
- Peace is so difficult to uphold, peace is so difficult to realise, but the Truth can only be realised with a peaceful mind
- Daily, commit yourselves to a Day of Peace, hold a peaceful attitude towards others and until the others around you enjoy peace, you will not be able to enjoy any peace


Buddhism is the religion of Peace. Peace is Bliss and Ultimate Bliss is the final goal of all living beings - Nirvana! Those who call my name, call the names of the Buddhas repeatedly, they are practising one of the many paths of the Way. The Way to Buddhahood is extremely difficult. There is no promise of success which any being, even the Buddha himself, can grant to you. The Buddhas have shown the way and that is all that They can do. You must walk each step towards enlightenment, towards securing the Ultimate Peace and then when Buddhism becomes you, you become a Buddha!

Already put into this great path, how many really are grateful about it? How many will truly put forth strenuous efforts to move on? How many will have the true faith? Do not waste any more time to be convinced. Miracles have been seen, have been heard but how have they benefited you? Even though there be more to see and more to hear, it will be of no use to you. But if you are on this great path with firm commitment to free yourself of suffering for the purpose of being useful to others, then there is no need for anyone to urge you on. You understand your life’s goal and you will follow the path to peace and so cultivation has begun. Peace of mind is what you hope to attain. You become a peace-seeker and you are trying to develop a peaceful nature!

The path of Bodhisattva worship grants you the most effective method to attaining the right condition and environment to realise this goal. Kuan Yin worship has opened up your mind to some extent, now you must not only worship but put to practise all the bodhisattva practices that you have learned. All Buddhas teach the same Truth, all Bodhisattvas practise the same Truth before they attain their final enlightenment. It may seem impossible to practise a religion such as Buddhism because peace is so difficult to uphold, because peace is so difficult to realise, but how did you come to acquire such a terrible nature when it was all peace in the beginning? To the troubled and wandering minds, peace is very distant to them, they have forgotten what peace is and they have lost the value of it. But the Truth can only be realised with a peaceful mind and whether you like it or not, you will have to subdue your mind, discipline yourself, if you wish to be released from the planes of suffering, if you wish to enjoy endless peace!

So you begin to cultivate the habits that will lead you to peace, to become a true gentle being, a fearless yet loving being, a Buddhist! All that you do, do them for the sake of bringing happiness to others and to yourself. This is the way to remove friction between oneself and others. You will learn to see the good points in others and overlook their faults; you will learn to recognise your faults and not focus on some of the virtues that you believe you have. You learn humility so that you can practise charity, you see in others what you should see in yourself, the entire world is but a mirror!

When you can become one with others, you will be gentle with them just as you wish to be gentle with yourself. From this moment on, the realising of relationship with others will open you to others and you will be reachable! Until the others around you enjoy peace, you will not be able to enjoy any peace. Peace in others therefore becomes your ardent wish for them and you take it as if it was your responsibility that others have not known peace and so you begin to develop further and further. You will no longer need others to open your eyes for you to see the truths, your eyes no longer look forward, you will have to look inwards in your search for solutions to the great sufferings of the world. You will close your eyes and yet you are still seeing what you do not wish to see, you have become one with the whole world and your mind is opened!

As you pray for the well-being of others, you must be able to feel the plights of them. Before you pray always spend a few moments to contemplate on the sufferings of the world and move your mind from self to others, then compassion is felt, then the recitations that you are to make will become more meaningful and more purposeful. The day is near when you and others are going to commit yourselves to a Day of Peace, what a beautiful thought, what a meritorious act! Make sure that you are able to lead them well so that it becomes a great joy for them to participate whenever another occasion calls for such a deed! Purify the mind, purify the body and purify the speech. From the 15th of this month until the day of prayers, keep your body, speech and mind gentle and pure, hold a peaceful attitude towards others, remove all traces of evil tendencies and keep Me in your heart at all times. Pray sincerely and pray with conviction and do not be troubled even though the world does not change a single bit even after your prayers, continue to organise more meets as long as you have life!

Tuesday, 13th March 1984
2nd Moon, 11th Day

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