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Speech of truths that lead to wisdom, that cause others to realise and to awaken, that are mere truths as a form of message should be spoken; but the truths which do not concern oneself are not to be spoken! (if silence is the better option in being more helpful than harmful to the parties involved)


The Way to Access One’s Higher Consciousness for Communicating with Truths

An experience is good when one can learn a lesson from it, can understand the result from it. Every person has numberless experiences in life but only a few of them can impress the mind to remember them clearly. However, each experience, whether great or small, will be recorded in the consciousness and will be stored there - they become memories if you are able to recall them. It is very difficult for one to remember the experiences of a year and so it will be impossible to remember the experiences of a lifetime. Still, one can recall all these past experiences if one pursues to look within, to look into the nature of the mind, to find the key to knowing oneself, to reach the memories which have been stored within the deeper recesses of the mind! It is possible but it will take very strenuous efforts and great determination.


In Communicating with Oneself Speech is Absent, Sit and Reflect to Know Oneself and Grasp Each Truth

Buddhism is not just a way of life. It is much more noble than that, it is much more meaningful than that, it is the practice of knowing oneself in relation to existence, it is to attain supreme wisdom so that the truth of illusion can be comprehended and thereby causing the practitioner to free himself from the chains of these illusions which have been the cause of ignorance since beginningless time. Each lifetime is often lived in accumulating numberless false views and so the truths are being clouded, knowledge becomes myths which in turn confuse the mind further, then all is lost. Therefore, with steady cultivation, with energy and perseverance, you must begin to know your true mind, must be prepared to take the slow paths, to avoid short cuts else it will only encourage you to become lazy, must be ready to sit and reflect, then grasp each truth. The great disciplining of body and mind is the practice of Buddhism, the practice that the Buddhas have gone through. Speech is not mentioned because in the process of self-awakening, speech is absent, speech is unnecessary, speech does not arise, only mental communication with oneself is required, with others is a waste of energy!


In Communicating with Others Speak the Truth, Stop Speaking or Spreading Mistruths and False Speech

Speech is important only as a means of expressing oneself to communicate with others. If it can be narrowed down to a few words which speaks only the truth, then speech is beneficial - it carries a message, a direction, a teaching. But very often the weak person is filled with ego and ignorance, he cannot just utter the necessary, the truth, he dresses up that which has to be spoken with mistruths and false speech is created. All the world’s falsities have been created by untruthful speeches. Leaders of men carry great karma when they withhold the truths and speak that which is false to their followers, thus creating delusion to the minds of the lesser beings. They are the cause of ignorance. Whenever one speaks, one must remember to speak the truth, only the truth! If one feels that truth will hurt, then one begins to understand life better, one will speak less for fear of causing hurt to others. But the truths that can hurt are many in kinds. Religious truths that lead to wisdom must be spoken; truths that cause others to realise and to awaken should be spoken; truths that are mere truths as a form of message should be spoken; but the truths which do not concern oneself are not to the spoken!

The beauty of life is lost when one begins to live in a world of lies - they delude the mind, they cause great sufferings to oneself and to others, and all these sufferings are the manifestations of the ignorant mind, they become bad experiences!

Friday, 28th June 1984
5th Moon, 9th Day

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