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With a true heart it is easy to reach Divine Mother. It requires only the qualities of faith and devotion that which sincerely accept Divine Mother into one’s heart and mind. A heart with loving-kindness and empathy towards others and a mind that is pure and free from wants, rewards and recognition.

It is also your will to live a life that is righteous and beneficial to others. It is easy because these virtues and nobility are inherently part of the character and nature of a blossoming spiritual aspirant.


To reach Me is easy. It requires only faith and devotion, it requires the will to live a life that is righteous and beneficial to others, it requires the cultivation of loving-kindness and the practising of understanding towards others. It requires a mind that is pure and free from wants and rewards and it requires your accepting Me into your heart and mind so that you are able to be aware of My presence in you at any moment of time.

To many this is too much to be expected of them but to a few, what have been mentioned will be too easy to take up because in their nature, all such qualities are already found. To such people there is no difficulty in attaining such virtues because their purpose in life is noble, because their spirituality is blossoming and they will retain true cultivation all through their life without giving any thought of how to practise and maintain such practices. They will live with such qualities which are latent in them, for they have acquired them in past lives.

To want to reach Me and be a worthy disciple is already a thought which will reap good destiny. To work towards it is to continue to move nearer to Me and to learn to understand Me better. To reach Me is not as difficult as you think because whatever is expected of you will be readily available in your character and in your nature, you will only need to recognise this and waste no time further in seeking ways and means to be by My side.

To want to reach Me, you must be sincere in your heart. There is no half way feelings, there must be no half-hearted approach to life, and there cannot be any result unless you have decided to act on it with a single-minded effort. To reach Me with a true heart is easy because when the desire to reach Me is there, I shall make the Way more meaningful to you so that cultivation may become much easier. It will be your very own effort once you have discovered the Way.

Do not try to understand Me because it will put your mind off the track. There will be no easy way for those who seek short-cuts. It will be impossible for those who expect small rewards for every effort made, because again, small rewards will lead you astray. Do not hope to be recognised as a cultivator of My Path because to do so is to have expectations and the desire to satisfy your ego. Do not maintain a deluded mind by hoping that your prayers will always be answered. When you begin to understand what I am trying to tell you by those ‘do nots’ your mind is quite ready to blossom and My message is already in your mind, I have already transmitted some understanding to your mind and you can proceed to cultivate further because you have already removed a lot of obstacles which are present in dull minds which hold wrong views.

Always remember that once you walk the Compassionate Path, once you accept Me as your Guide and Teacher, you have chosen your Dharma door. It is an easy way and it will be a pleasant way even though it is not a smooth way. But life cannot be smooth and people are suffering from moment to moment, you too must learn to accept such sufferings when they come. But with your understanding of the Way, you will not blame heaven or others for any such sufferings which come your way. You will understand that some sufferings and hardships will be necessary for you to polish your character, to purify your nature and to keep you to understanding what they meant to you. And you will wish to get rid of your own sufferings and those of others by reaching Me.

Monday, 18th January 1982
12th Moon, 24th Day

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