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Contemplate before action ensues. Let one’s pure motivation drives every action of thought, body and speech and is performed in awareness. Things which will benefit others that need to be done will be done, all in the name of Divine Teacher! With full Faith in Kuan Shih Yin, mounted on Kuan Yin Nature, one takes on the Bodhisattva Vows for the sake of all sentient beings.


There must be the cause before the effect can come about. There must be a thought before an action can be performed, so there must be a motivation before one can pursue the path which requires much energy, much fortitude, much sacrifices and much disappointments over a long period of time before any reward is felt. The attitude of a person towards the practice of Bodhisattvahood must be strong and there must also be the clear knowledge of what the Path stands for. It is well to embrace Kuan Shih Yin P’usa and call Her your Protector, your Deity, but it could be clear to the mind that before one can feel the response of Kuan Yin, one must purify oneself daily so that the words “Kuan Yin” rings sweetness in your mouth and gentleness within your heart!

Kuan Yin Nature must be developed. It must be developed for the sake of the world, of all the suffering beings who are aimlessly wandering within the realms of illusion and delusion. It must be developed for the sake of freeing oneself from the shackles that bind oneself to Samsara, one has to free oneself so that being on the other side one acquires vast wisdom and the ability to see the problems that are enveloping the minds of man. Coming from the other side is to take rebirth as a special being back into the suffering states, to suffer along with the ignorant ones so as to give them support and the inspiration with the purpose of leading them on. To come back into this world after achieving enlightenment is the practice of great compassion, is the Spirit of Bodhisattahood, is the maturing of the Kuan Yin Nature!

How many of you have made the vow to do so? How many do take the Bodhisattva Vows seriously? How many are true to their words of prayers? It is not necessary to be very clever in pray recitation, in understanding the scriptures, in being able to do all kinds of physical acts that will please others. More important is whether one is true to the words that have been said in prayers! When one declares his faith in Kuan Shih Yin, one must not only expect to receive blessings, to receive merits because of prayers being offered, to progress speedily because of the good actions done which can be seen and felt by others - it really means that “may the faith that I have in the Great and Compassionate Kuan Shih Yin cause me to act like a bodhisattva.” To act like a bodhisattva is to seriously mean what one declares, what one promises, what one vows. With sincere meaning, all actions become pure ones and there is no thought in any way of oneself being the person performing the act. Each act is the natural response of Kuan Shih Yin reacting through those who declare that they are Kuan Yin disciples. Things which will benefit others that need to be done will be done! All in the name of your Divine Teacher!

When you fail in your practice, whenever you feel wrong about an act and you still commit it, you cannot call the name of Kuan Shih Yin - that is hypocrisy personified. Being a true Kuan Yin devotee, a disciple, a practitioner of Her Path, there should no longer be moments of guilt arising each day. All actions must first be contemplated upon before action ensues. This is why all who follow the Kuan Yin Path must practise contemplation - so that all actions of thought, body and speech are performed in awareness. K.Y.C.O. is such an Order and all who are part of this group must do their best to practise contemplation of each and every action of the day. If this is done, there is no need to worry about accumulating bad karma, about being affected by the poisons of the mind, of causing suffering to oneself and to others. Carelessness, discriminations, hatred, greed, lust, envy, and all other negativities cannot come anywhere near you. You are going through the process of self-cleansing each moment of the day and you will end up being a Kuan Yin, a bodhisattva within this very lifetime!

The Path is known, many know of it, but very very few will tread it! It is easier to be careless, selfish and indisciplined - that’s freedom and that’s free will to the understanding of the many. But that is only their narrow views and they prefer not to look into reality closely, they will end up becoming more and more confused; they will lose their clarity of mind, they will forget the causes that they are setting now and in the past, and then some day when they need to have to think about why they should be suffering - they will draw a blank! Do you want to have such a mind? A mind that will argue with you, flatter you, let up to your wants, introduce new cravings and desires for you each day... so that nothing seems to be wrong as long as you are happy with your own self? This is called the degenerated mind no matter how intelligent the person is in worldly knowledge. He has let his mind to control him and there is no place for spiritual development in his heart! He is setting causes each moment of the day, he is retreating a step further each moment he entertains himself with wrong views, he is the average person that you meet daily, do you wish to become one?

Tuesday, 22nd May 1984
4th Moon, 22nd Day

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