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Quote of The Day (184)

This section contains short teachings extracted from the messages that Sifu Kuan Ming received over the years, since 1979. The quotes contained herein are a collection of the daily quotes there were automatically posted on the front page.


Expensive gifts often carry a responsibility. Avoid receiving them, if you can!


Why are you here but to live the life that you have wished to live! Live it then, or you will have to do it again!


Be not afraid of crisis, know that it may bring forth the best in you! And it can, if you will deal with it calmly and courageously!


It is not easy for most people to accept that others have been their loving mother-beings in the past and so they are more interested on self-practice. This may seem selfish but in time, their genuine practice will lead them to see the need to pray not only for themselves but for all! (Dec-1986)


Let there be space for every Deity of other Faiths in your temple; let there be space for every being of the Samsara in your heart!


Regard not the New Year as adding a year to your age, but to grant you a New Beginning to feel the new you to brighten up your life!


Sit to train the mind!
Sit to calm the mind!
Sit to still the mind!
Sit to listen to the mind!
Sit to know the mind!


It is time to take stock of your life and to bring changes to it! It is time to attend to the desire for a more meaningful and fulfilling life!


Anyone who has no wish to cause harm to others is already developing compassion which is the basis from which Bodhicitta arises… The heart must be deeply moved before one is ready to take up the Path of the Bodhisattvas! (Dec-1986)


What is life for but to bring it to maturation by evolving it in a graceful manner that is beautiful and natural!


Deceive no one, much less those whom you love.
Be selfless, and the pains of life will affect you little!


On this Full Moon Day, let your heart be open for self-inspection! Wishing that it will be as full and bright as the moon, so that it too may give light to others, perform a sadhana of Purification! Doing it with sincerity, you will begin to ‘know yourself’ better and ‘love yourself’ in a purer way! Then may you be caused to want only that which will bring benefit to yourself, to those who are around you, to the world at large, and to all living beings without exception! Then may you also be moved to discard those qualities that are harmful to your self-growth, to those who are around you and to all sentient being!


The young have their problems, so do the old, if they can attend to them then they will sail with life, if not, then a woeful one!


To be able to bring one to the path of spiritual practice is a wonderful act, and to be able to lead them to a life practice is the greatest achievement.


Enjoy the year! Know that its changes are meant to help you realise your true self and being the person that you were meant to be!
In evolving yourself, you are helping the world to evolve! (18-Jan-2002)


Since this is a year of true practice, and that all should spend more time in looking into their shortcomings and to energetically remove them so that the Teachings may flow more smoothly into their hearts! (18-Mar-2004)


Let there be a constant reminder that the time has come for a serious practice of nine Seasons of the Nine Steps of Practice of the Path to those who are serious with their cultivation! (2004)


Welcome this as the Year of giving love to those who seek love and of returning love to those who have loved you and know that this can be the year of winning love from many! (27-Feb-2004)


Let the activities of this year win you the Light and Love of the Divine and emerge a universal being who belongs to all cultures and paths of practice. Then may you be experiencing the kind and caring heart in all who are cultivating the Teachings of their faiths. (2004)


Happy New Year 2020. May there be an arising of a new peaceful 'star' for world peace!

This is the year to live the simple and peaceful life; this is the year to practise giving and caring, this is also the year to prove your worth as one who is of this Kuan Yin Family! This then, should be a year of continuous striving to make changes to your life and, very much so, your character! Then may your heart be made more and more humble, simple, charitable, gentle, hospitable and noble by the powers of the Six-Syllables that you are cultivating. Then may the world be peaceful and meaningful to you even though it is filled with conflicts and violence and discord! Then may you be living in accord with the Teachings and live the benevolent life of one who is happy at heart! (Jan-2003)


Only a healthy body may give rise to a balanced mind! (17-Jan-2002)


Living harmoniously, you will begin to understand the Path! (16-Jan-2002)


To honour your Guru, you just need to live the virtuous life! (15-Jan-2002)


To make improvements to life, this requires commitment and honesty! (14-Jan-2002)


A most wonderful time to pray to others is in the wee hours of the morning when mankind is still asleep and the activities of the world are at their minimum! This explains why you have often been woken up at 4:00 am to do your practice! (2002)


In the beginning self-effort is exercised, later on is enjoyed the guided effort, which will pave the way to the unaided or spontaneous effort of one whose effort has won fruition!


Knowing that thought is speech and thought is mind, practise silence of speech as a way of approach to silence the mind!


To be kind is about being filled with good intentions for others, do not want to cause any hurt to them, and to find joy in giving them help. To be caring is about being able to offer support to others, to be able to listen to them with patience, and to share concerns of their feelings and also to offer acceptance!


Try to recognize that everybody and everything that comes into your life is there for a reason, for a purpose and for fulfilment. For then it’s when you will meet your destiny and grow with it!


Each time you reflect on others, do not judge them or you will soon be complaining, criticizing or condemning them to make negative a good practice!


Try to understand that each pain will bring with it a teaching and each teaching, a learning and then, a new growth!

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