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This section contains short teachings extracted from the messages that Sifu Kuan Ming received over the years, since 1979. The quotes contained herein are a collection of the daily quotes there were automatically posted on the front page.


Though things may appear negative to you, do not just accept it to be so. For there is always the positive aspect of it. Know then that nothing can be expressed in a negative way only. There is always a positive interpretation of it, if only you can see it. (#3083-p122)


In order to bring forth your heart of kindness, you must contemplate seriously on how to develop the right and happy relationship with others: with your own parents and relatives and friends and society. Are you kind and caring towards them? Can you accept their weaknesses and handicaps? Can you forgive the wrongs that were done to you? Even though these are difficult things to do, yet you must if you are truly serious with your practice on this Path of the Caring Heart. Then may you be led to develop the willingness to let go; the ability to accept the unpleasant feelings in the heart, the readiness to make sacrifices so as to bring some joy back to your relationships with them! (#3082-p122)


Having spent sufficient time learning about praying, giving and sitting, move on now to gain a better understanding of caring and serving. Learn to care with a heart of love and you will begin to love not just a few people but all those who have the affinity to be a part of your life. Then should you serve not just a limited few, but as many people as there are who seek your assistance! (#3080-p122)


Life may not be as smooth as you wish it to be at times, but this is only natural, isn’t it? And when such unpleasant times come, what do you think is the correct thing to do? To run to the Buddha for help or to see them as opportunities to face reality and not to try to avoid these adversities? If you will choose the latter, then you can be sure that you will emerge a more courageous, stronger and persevering person!
Know then, that the hardships of life are not entirely needless. For they are there to awaken you to the truth of life and to move you to bring forth your heart of compassion. (#3079-p122)


The most sacred moment of life was when that instant you decided to lead the holy life of one who cultivates the Kuan Yin Heart! That was when your heart was turned to goodness and was transformed into a receptacle of Light! Since then, you were seen as one who is capable of bringing Light to darkness, for the darkness in you has been dissolved by Light! By that, you have earned the right to head for “Home”, after a long and meaningless journey that had kept you in the realms of darkness! (#3078-p121)


It matters little how life is treating you. What matters most is whether you are still grateful towards life or not! For this shall decide how your future is to be and whether you have understood the preciousness of life or not! (#3077-p121)


Who are you but a being who is changing from moment to moment? Can you understand what this really means?
A meaningful life is lived when you are able to do what you have to do and love what you are doing! (#3075,3076-p121)


All these while you have been learning from facts. Now a more satisfactory and effective way of learning is taught to you - it is learning how to learn through experiencing and making yourself available to wisdom. Be prepared then, to put the Teachings to test whenever opportunities allow! (#3074-p121)


The lovely you can only emerge when you have finally developed the wonderful qualities of humanity, morality, sincerity, generosity, honesty and loyalty!
This is when you can be like the sun, always giving light and not darkness to people! For you have attained the radiant heart - the heart that radiates outwards because it is rid of selfishness, having no personal interest in it anymore. And that which you are radiating to others is ‘metta’, the wonderful wish that others will always be well and happy! (#3073-p121)


By now you should have realised that the easiest way to expand your own happiness is to share it with others! So should you also know that the best way to purify your heart is to increase your capacity to love your Holy Guru with all your heart and mind! (#3072-p121)


You may love the Teachings, revere or even praise them unendingly, but you must never become a slave of them. For if you do, then they will be of no use to you since your love for them would have been enslaved by fear. (#3071-p121)


Bear in mind that the indisciplined life is not worth living since it is subject to the pulls of the poisons of the mind, the result of which is a life lived without the blessings of the light of self-awareness. (#3070-p120)


When you serve, do so, always, in an attitude of humility and love. Then may you be radiating your heart’s message to them that you do care and will do your best for them. (#3069-p120)


To test the power of thought, learn to think positively and the positive will manifest itself in your life. When you have faith in life, you will be well rewarded; when you think of plenty, you will make plenty come about in your life, but if you think of lack then lack will be your lot. Know that life creates life and as you conceive, so shall you receive. In truth, thought, is the key to it all! (#3068-p120)


Beware of your friendship with the super-rich and powerful. Know that your closeness to them can be the cause of jealousy of the many. Be wary of name and fame, though much sought after by many. Know that they can be the causes of many mental poisons to arise. Hence, make it your challenge to turn them down, if occasions should arise. (#3067-p120)


Guru! He is the most indispensable for those who are thirsting for Divine Knowledge! Seek the Guru, one who is good, well-practised and learned. If you can find Him, then you have done the most important thing in your spiritual career! For he shall show you how to advance in the direction of spiritual realisation!
Know then, that to come across a true Guru and be accepted by him is the highest good fortune that can fall to a spiritual aspirant! (#3066-p120)


Let others claim that they are the guardians of the Path to Freedom or that their way of practice is the way to unite oneself with the Ultimate Lord, or God. For you, it is simply the generation of love and devotion that will bring about this result. Know that if the Ultimate Lord, or God or the Divine can be bound by anything, it is by the chains of love and devotion! Know that the purer is a person’s love, the nearer is he to his Lord. This is simply because the Divine is an ocean of love and the soul of a man a drop of Him! (#3065-p120)


There are two kinds of devotion: The first, is ordinary devotion - one in which service on the part of the devotee is accompanied by a desire to get some reward or good in return.
Next, is pure devotion, one in which there is no desire for any reward. Possessing this high order of devotion, one performs service for the sake of service and devotion for the sake of devotion. Such a kind of devotion is not a means to an end, but the end of itself.
This is the kind of devotion that is expected of you, if you are to develop yourself to be a true devotee! (#3064-p119)


Devotion, or bakti, is a condition of the heart and an attitude of the mind, but it manifests itself in the thought, word and deed of the devotee who is ever anxious to serve the beloved Guru. A true devotee’s goal is to secure everlasting union with his Guru. He is ready to place his all-wealth, body and soul, before the Guru and is prepared to sacrifice everything for Him or Her. (#3063-p119)


To say that the Divine is within you, this does not mean that the Divine is not without. No, the Divine is omnipresent - present everywhere and in all things. So the Divine is not confined to you, but outside of you as well. By saying that the Divine is within, this really means that unless you realise the Divine within, you can never know the Divine outside. This means that it is when you are able to behold the Divine within you that you may recognise the Divine outside too. (#3062-p119)


Whatever the Guru says, one must accept and obey, even if one’s intellect does not understand it. That’s because one’s intellect is limited and frail but the wisdom of the Gurus is vast!
Love your Guru. Know that He is an ocean of Love and that through contact with him is love kindled in your heart.
O Divine Mother, merciful and kind, forgive me my faults and teach me how to rise beyond them. Then may I be a reflection of thy radiance. (#3059,3060,3061-p119)


Devotion means our intense attachment to the beloved Guru, and utter surrender to His supreme will, as a result of our complete faith in the Guru’s perfection, kindness, loving nature and compassion. (#3058-p119)


There are six kinds of mind training that must be attended to:
1. Calmness of Mind
2. Balanced Mind
3. Control of passion.
4. Indifference to worldly attractions.
5. Patience and forbearance.
6. Faith and devotion.


For the time being, practise that which is taught to you to the best of your ability, till you are able to see the world with Niang’s eyes, hear the world with Niang’s ears, and respond to the world with Niang’s heart. Then may the day come when Niang will be seeing the world through your eyes, hear the world through your ears and respond to the world through your heart! (#3054-p118)


What is there that you can teach that others are already more informed than you?
Yet, despite this, you will find that many, who are far ahead of you in knowledge, will sit to listen to what you have to share!
Know then, that yours is not so much the work to teach but to beckon the awakening of the Kuan Yin Heart that is in them! (#3053-p118)


The uniqueness of the Order is that it shall be teaching many not to be confined to a particular belief and be denied of the good and the wisdom that others are capable of imparting!
Know that the teachings and practices of other faiths are not without their values and purposes and that a knowledge of them will make richer your life in many ways!
Know too that, in time, the idea of the Divine or God being restricted to one belief rather than to all, will begin to take its toll! (#3052-p118)


Be careful of your likes and dislikes. Know that they are the real source of all your delusions!
Be warned that their resultant desires and aversions are the root cause of all human unhappiness!
Be determined then, not to allow them to dictate your life and to learn the ways and means of quelling them, even if a laborious struggle is called for. (#3051/21-Aug-1988)


Living the spiritual life is most certainly a difficult thing to do. For it is an on-going battle with the mental poisons of greed, lust, anger, jealousy and so forth! But if one is armed with faith, devotion, loyalty, patience and perseverance then the battle will not be one-sided anymore! (#3050-p118)


Begin now, the work of discarding the harmful worldly habits that are harmful to life and replacing them with the spiritual ones that promote it. Only then may you someday be what you would like to be! (#3049-p118)


It was then that the die was cast... it is now that makes known how the past was lived... and it shall be now that offers you the opportunity to cast the die that shall be determining how the future shall be for you... Waste not then, a day, or a moment of it, in careless living, if a happier you than what you are today is seriously sought! (#3048-p117)


Can you now see how the activities of the Order are designed to make you more pious, humble, moral, generous, and kindly?
Continue with them and their good qualities will soon come into being! Have faith then, with what is asked of you to do. Know that you will never be encouraged to act selfishly! (#3047-p117)

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