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This section contains short teachings extracted from the messages that Sifu Kuan Ming received over the years, since 1979. The quotes contained herein are a collection of the daily quotes there were automatically posted on the front page.


Your purpose of life is to learn to find Me, to be with Me, to serve Me, to commune with Me, and to look after the well-being of those who find their ways to you for help. (#3161-p132)


To win the love of the Divine, you must always be kind, gentle, caring, moral, truthful, self-controlled and loving to your fellow men. (#3160-p132)


There is much for you to learn apart from what you have already learned.
There is much for you to do apart from what you have already done. (#3159-p132)


Devote your life to helping those whom I shall be sending to you to lead a good life, gain knowledge of the Dharma, worship the Evolved Ones and cultivate the Holy Mantras so that they may attain spiritual maturity quickly. (#3158-p132)


Make every effort to accumulate merit each day through kindly deeds and through the training in the five virtues that leads to the arising of wisdom. (#3157-p132)


Do not let your interest on spiritual learning be like the passing clouds of the day. Instead, let it be like the sky that is there forever! (#3156-p132)


Do not indulge yourself in the reading of fortune and geomancy. Do not learn and do not try to be an expert on it. For a simple misinterpretation can bring much harm and suffering for others and to your own self. (#3155-p132)


The hands that heal is more wonderful than the lips that pray. Polish the diamond of your heart so that its lustre and brilliance will bring light and joy to the world. (#3153,#3154-p132)


The teachings that are given to you may seem ordinary at first. But if you will take the trouble to study them, you will discover the hidden brilliance and depth of their lines and paragraphs. This, therefore, requires you to go over them slowly, and over and over again until their essence is arrived at. (#3152-p132)


Do not wonder what Niang can do for you but what She can do with you and through you. Better still, wonder what you can do for Niang, with Niang and through Niang! (#3151-p132)


Life offers you the opportunities to learn and to evolve. Since this is a slow process, be patient with its many lessons whenever they present themselves. (#3150-p132)


The song of life is written according to how you have lived. Make sure that right living is adhered to so that it is not filled with sour notes and unpleasant chords. (#3149-p132)


If you are someone who is truly in My Path, then your lips must ever be moving in fervent prayer for those who are unhappy!(#3148-p131)


Often it is asked: “What is a prayer?” Prayer is anything that is felt in your heart that you would like the Divine to hear! Therefore, a prayer can be a conversation with God, with the Divine. (#3147-p131)


Always think before you ask. Do that so that you may ask your question rightly. It is very difficult to get the right answer with a wrong question! (#3146-p131)


Darkness is not real, it is just the absence of light.
Hate is not real, it is just the absence of love.
Anger is not real, it is just the absence of compassion.
So also is ignorance not real, it is just the absence of wisdom! (#3145-p131)


You have asked: “Why didn’t I allow you to insist that those who are here and have received blessings must follow My Path?”
Well, it is because none must be denied of his right to make a choice. It is enough if you have explained to them the beauty and the rewards of the Path. (#3144-p131)


It has taken you lifetimes to develop the bond that exists between you and me. Would you want to sever it within this single lifetime? (#3143-p131)


A question is asked, “What must I do to fall asleep?
The answer is that you must not do anything. Just lie down and sleep. Do not do anything or you will not be able to sleep. Do anything, and your mind will be active... Do not do anything, and your mind will relax and go into sleep! (#3142-p131)


Many have wondered why is the world getting more and more difficult and troublesome?
It is because it has entered the Age of Degeneration, an age that is characterised by ignorance, chaos and destruction! (#3141-p131)


Visualisation can be created at will or naturally arising... It is related to the power of imagination, or the power to see with the mind’s eye of any given form, in all its details, as clearly as seeing with physical sight. (#3140-p131)


This may be a Mahayana Path but it has a great deal of Vajrayana practice and essence. You will find that in the initial stage, one begins with mantra recitation and this brings about the arising of mudras and their spontaneous flow. Then it is the arising of vision or the natural act of involving oneself in visualisation. Then, it is changed to a spontaneous practice. The act of visualising can lead to the flow of mudras followed by mantras, or the repeating of mantras can lead to the arising of visions and mudras. (#3139-p131)


The Path of the Order teaches you to be peacefully active and to be actively peaceful.
Hold on to virtuous thoughts if virtue is to be practised. Hold on to virtuous actions if liberation is to be won. (#3138,#3137-p133)


In order for your practice to bear fruit, frequently perform repentance and purification practices. This is how merit is won and, arising from this, the responses and rewards; most important of all, the removal of obstacles to happiness. (#3136-p130)


Nothing is permanent. All forms must eventually return to emptiness! All meetings must end in separation!
The doctrine of Impermanence implies that when a state comes into existence, it also simultaneously goes out of existence. (#3135-p130,#3171-p133)


How does one know whether he has improved in his cultivation?
How could one not know whether he has improved in his cultivation if he has practised? For a start, one is able to discriminate between right and wrong; next he is able to maintain his practice with satisfaction; then, compassion will arise in his heart each time he sees others in suffering. More than that is this expansion of consciousness and perception! (#3134-p130)


As a devotee of a Kuan Yin Order, it is important that the virtues of patience and tolerance be developed. This is because there is no way you can be by yourself nor avoid meeting up with difficult people. For the Path is such that it is your duty to attend to as many people as possible - the more difficult and trying, the better! (#3133-p130)


As a member of a spiritual order that bears the name of Kuan Yin, you must always be compassionate to all those in need. You must also help where you can help, when help is asked for. (#3132-p130)


Happy 81st Birthday Sifu Kuan Ming
Let this day remind you that it is time to open your mind to Light and your heart to Love! Then may the months ahead fill your mind with knowledge and your heart with goodness! Then may whatever you say or do, in the future be able to clear the vision and touch of the hearts of many to inspire them to live the good and gentle life!
As you walk this Path to share your knowledge and love with others, you will be filled with Light and Love of the Divine Mother!
(#2890-p97 *1st October 2003*, #3131-p130)


Bury the past or the present moment will not be enjoyed! The past is over. It cannot be relived! So just relax!
What is relaxation? It is a state of affair when you are able to enjoy the present moment. It is when your mind is not moving anywhere, not to the past and not to the future - it is simply with you at that very moment! (#3128,3129-p130)


What moulds our individual characters with which we are born are the very dormant impressions that we have gathered in the past. So too are the inequalities and diversities which we find around us. In actuality, whatever capabilities and knowledge that we have mastered in our previous lives can be manifested in the present. This explains why each lifetime must not be wasted with undisciplined living! (#3126-p129)

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